About us

Paul Horn GmbH разрабатывает и производит широкую линейку инструмента для обработки канавок, периферийного точения и фрезерования пазов с 1969 г.; эти виды инструмента занимают ведущее положение на рынке.

Наша продукция используется в области машиностроения, автомобилестроения, нефтегаза, авиакосмической техники, производства насосов и гидравлики, ювелирных изделий, медицинской техники и пр.

Our tools excellent reputation is based on their technology, performance and reliability, They are developed and produced by 1,400 employees world wide. In Germany we have been established as the branch market and technology leader for many years.

We provide our customers with high quality service and support based on our comprehensive range of high performance tool systems. Through collaboration with our overseas sister companies and distributors we are able to be a valuable and added value partner for each of our customers world wide.

Ongoing development and optimisation of processes and products, and dissemination of knowledge our highest priority. The constant growth of HORN and the great satisfaction of our customers affirm our business strategy.

We are committed to ongoing development and innovation. We can control all important factors in-house from carbide manufacture to interfaces and toolholders to coating technologies and geometry developments. Possessing and building on this capability is one of our key strengths that benefits each customer through machining performance and manufacturing economies.